Our Vision

To elevate the youth of today through the art of photography.

Our mission is to capture your events, passions, and work through the creative lens of our youth. We do this through a team of professionally trained youth who will celebrate your projects with authentic energy and a fresh perspective.

Why this is important:

Hope for Community Development is a Black-led not-for-profit organization in Kitchener, Ontario, that works with youth and families to impact transformational change through education, programming, and workshops.

Hope for Community Development operates in the Chandler Mowat neighbourhood in Kitchener, home to one of the city's most densely populated and diverse communities.

By investing in our community's youth, we are breaking the cycle of poverty and building positive growth pathways. This is through social inclusion, skill development, employment, and relationship building with community leaders.

This is important because it takes an upstream, preventative approach to some of our community's most pressing social issues that impact underserved youth, such as unlawful activities, substance abuse, mental health, and barriers to employment.

How we're doing it:

Next Gen Photography is Hope for Community Development's social enterprise.

Through Hope for Community Development's established and trusting relationships with families, single mothers, and youth, we can offer low barrier and meaningful employment to the youth of our community.

We offer part-time and casual employment to our community's youth that fits within their busy school, work, and extra curricular activities schedule. We provide professional photography training, mentorship and leadership opportunities, and paid work experience.

We have two primary social impact goals for this project:

1) Employ Chandler Mowat youth, as well as Kitchener and surrounding area youth, offering a living wage while providing a positive and unique work experience.

2) Invest enterprise profits in other Hope for Community Development programming, such as their sports programs, multi-cultural programs, and youth education workshops.

What we do:

Next Gen Photography offers professional photography services in the Waterloo Region.

When you hire Next Gen Photography, you are hiring a team of motivated youth who are eager and ready to prove themselves. We bring a creative and fresh lens to photography through our youth perspective.

We support businesses, organizations, and nonprofits with the photography of their events, projects, and programs. You can click the button below to learn more.